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The GunShow VendorWeb is a cooperative effort with Hot Type Graphics, of Okc.  OKCGS handles the web space while HTG handles web design.  Included with each VendorWeb site is a 1mb sub-domain; including a custom Vendor page*, Email forwarding, CGI and SSL access for secure online order forms and other handy scripts you can build into your web pages. Vendor pages can added, or modified at any time, and additional web space is always available for expanding your site.  Web Design services can be provided by HTG at their current hourly rate of $25, but vendors are free to use any web designer they wish.
Customers may provide their own pages if desired. Existing web pages imported from old servers or customer-provided pages must be checked HTG before being added to any of OKCGS servers.
Initial pages and links from the main VendorWeb page will be up within a week, additional services are provided on a first-come first-served basis.

Email for special pricing, availablility and scheduling of all your essential web services.

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